Sometimes You Get the Bear..

#10 at Pequabuck Golf Club

So I grew up playing golf at the Pequabuck Golf Club..rode my bike to the club every morning after doing my Hartford Courant paper route at 5:30AM..on the weekends I always had a pocket full of money as I collected newspaper bills on Sat..Thurs and Fri were my low money I grew older, about 15, I started playing with the older guys in a daily $50 money match..sometimes I only had $3 in my pocket, especially on a Friday when the big action games were around and it was the end of my week..that was when you learned how to play under pressure..$3 in your pocket and playing for $75-$100..there were only a couple of times that I had to hit up the old pro, Tommy Nigro to cover me until I collected my paper route money on Saturday..and that was how I learned some of lifes greatest lessons..Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you! Street smarts, how to read people, playing under pressure, talking smack, how to act around adults, respect while talking smack, respect for the game, your club and your golf pro..growing up at a blue collar golf club..Not a better education than that!

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